Senior Cat Care Veterinary Service in Visalia, CA

At Lone Oak Veterinary Clinic, we recommend bi-annual preventive exams to look for any potential underlying conditions.

Senior Cat Care

Regular wellness exams will keep your senior cat healthy and prevent conditions and diseases that are common in their senior years, such as bone and joint problems, hormone disorders, cancer, and heart, kidney, and liver diseases. We recommend bi-annual preventive exams at Lone Oak Veterinary Clinic to look for any potential underlying conditions.

Senior cats are more prone to medical issues that can interfere with their quality of life, so it’s important to ensure they are getting regular check-ups and vaccinations from our highly qualified team. Our staff is composed of professionals who realize that cat care in the later stages of life requires a special set of skills to ensure the health and welfare of senior cats. In addition, we provide serious help with behavioral issues and guidance on diet, exercise habits and other management solutions that can help keep your special friends in good health until their golden years have run their course.

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Senior cat wellness exam includes:

  • Behavioral evaluation and counseling
  • Comprehensive diagnostic testing
  • Detailed dental evaluation
  • Heartworm testing and prevention
  • Nutrition and diet recommendations
  • Parasite testing and prevention
  • Tailored vaccinations

During your cat’s wellness exam, our doctors will sit down with you to discuss symptoms of age-related changes that your cat may be experiencing, as well as concerns you have about its overall health.

Signs to watch for in your senior cat:

  • Decrease in vision
  • Excessive panting
  • Failure to eat for more than two days
  • Hair loss, especially if accompanied by scratching in a localized area
  • Seizures or convulsing
  • Significant decrease or increase in appetite
  • Sudden weight loss or weight gain

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call our office at (559) 732-4818.