Pet Internal Medicine Veterinary Service in Visalia, CA

Internal medicine is a branch of veterinary medicine that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting the internal organs of animals.

Pet Internal Medicine

Just like people, our furry friends can develop a number of illnesses and diseases that require specialized veterinary care. Here at Lone Oak Veterinary Clinic, we can help!

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Services provided include:

  • Cardiac Diseases
  • Chronic vomiting or diarrhea
  • Endocrine Diseases like Diabetes Mellitus, Hyperthyroidism or Cushing’s Disease
  • Gastrointestinal Disease
  • Heart Disease
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Kidney and Bladder Diseases
  • Liver Disease

Discovering the underlying cause of a condition is key to providing optimal care. One cannot adequately treat what is not diagnosed. Diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, and thyroid disease can all be treated and monitored appropriately with timely intervention.

Here at Lone Oak Veterinary Clinic, we pride ourselves on providing the best care possible for your pet, and we are determined to find the answer to your pet’s condition. Our staff will work closely with you to diagnose your pet’s internal condition and establish a specific treatment plan.