FAQs Lone Oak Veterinary Clinic in Visalia, CA

There is no question too big or too small for our veterinary team. Below are some answers to our most common questions.

We proudly serve pets in Visalia, CA, and beyond.

At Lone Oak Veterinary Clinic, we get a ton of interesting questions from pet parents. Below are some common FAQs that might help answer any questions or concerns. Please feel free to call us at (559) 732-4818 for any other concerns you might have about your pet.

Where is Lone Oak Veterinary Clinic located?

Lone Oak Veterinary Clinic is located at:

34775 Rd 132
Visalia, CA 93292

What are your hours?

Our hours of operation are as follows:

Monday-Friday: 7:30 AM – 5 PM
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

How do I schedule a visit?
To schedule a visit for your pet, please call our office at (559) 732-4818, and our friendly staff will assist you in setting up a time that is convenient for you. If you need to cancel or reschedule your visit, we ask that you do so 24 hours before the visit.
Can I pay with a credit card?

For your convenience, we accept cash, check, debit cards, and credit cards (including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express) as well as Care Credit. Please note that payments are due at the time of the visit.

What should I do in case of an emergency?
If your pet is experiencing an emergency during our regular hours of operation, please bring them in immediately to be assessed and treated by our doctors. If your pet is experiencing an emergency during closed hours, please contact one of the following emergency care center for small animals:

Tulare-Kings Veterinary Emergency – 559-739-7054
Fresno Pet Emergency & Referral Center – 559-427-3766

If your pet is experiencing symptoms including vomiting, diarrhea, coughing, or sneezing, we ask that the patient remains in the vehicle. Please call us at (559) 732-4818 upon arrival for further instructions.

When should I spay or neuter my pet?

Spaying and neutering your pet can be done at most ages, but doctors recommend the procedure be performed when your pet is five to six months old.

What is Kennel Cough?

Kennel Cough, also known as Infectious Tracheobronchitis, is transmitted through the air and caused by viruses and/or bacteria that affect the respiratory system of dogs. Dogs will often “catch” kennel cough when they inhale bacteria or virus particles into their respiratory tract. Kennel’s cough is contagious. If you suspect that your dog might have the condition, you should keep him/her away from other dogs and animals and contact your veterinarian.

Although most cases of kennel cough will resolve without treatment, medications may speed up the recovery or minimize the symptoms during the course of the infection. If your dog is showing symptoms of rapid breathing, not eating, or listlessness, contact your veterinarian right away, as these could be signs of more serious conditions.

Why does my pet need vaccines?

Vaccinations are a vital part of your pet’s health. Vaccines keep your pet healthy and prevent serious diseases. During your pet’s wellness exams, our doctors will develop a vaccine schedule tailored to your pet that will help prevent illness and disease.

Why does my pet need a dental cleaning?

Annual dental exams are necessary to treat and maintain healthy teeth and gums. As your pet ages, its teeth needs will change, and advanced dental care may be required. Your pet’s teeth and mouth should be examined by our doctors on a regular basis.

Should I brush my pet's teeth at home?

Yes – proper in-home dental care is strongly recommended to help maintain the health of your pet. Pet owners should brush their dog’s and cat’s teeth frequently as tooth brushing is the best method to preventing plaque, calculus, and bacterial build-up. There are also additional options for in-home dental care such as dental formulated foods, water additives, and treats.